• Pressure Ratings up to 3,500 PSI
• Temperature rating up to 1,000°F
• No glass to contact process
• Clear visual indication from extended viewing distances
• Low maintenance
• Uses 2-1/2” schedule 40 standpipe chamber
• Designed to ASME B31.1/B31.3
• Chamber construction: 316/316L SS or 304/304L SS
• Float construction: 316/316L Stainless Steel
• Specific gravity down to 0.36
• Choice of mounting styles for both threaded or flanged connections
• Yellow flag indication
• Furnished with attached scale (optional scales available)
• Electrical point level switches available (Mechanical or Reed Type)

EFI MAGNA gives you a choice of two types of
electrical interface for point level control or alarm with magnetic gauges.

• Easy installation – Clamp to EFI MAGNA chamber
• Latches to maintain position as the float passes
• Field adjustable
• No contact with process
• Both models are designed to give years of
trouble-free service

Required to quote EFI MAGNA
• Process Liquid
• Viscosity
• Quantity
• Pressure
(Min, Operating, Max)
• Temperature
(Min, Operating, Max)

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