APPLICATION: This gauge is intended for general service conditions. For pressure or vacuum service on air, oil, water, gas or other mediums that do not attack brass. For steam service, gauges should be protected from excessive temperature by installation of a syphon.
CASE AND RING: Drawn steel case with friction fitted steel ring finished in black.
BOURDON TUBE ASSEMBLY: Bronze, soldered to socket and tip.
• DIAL: White coated metal. Lithographed with black graduation lines and numerals, dial mounted on socket, independent of case.
SOCKET: Brass bar stock 9/16” square wrench surface. 1/4” NPT Male lower or back connection.
ACCURACY: 2% of the middle third of the entire range. ASME B40.1 Grade B.
MOVEMENT: All brass construction, precision gear and pinion. Mounted on socket independent of case.
POINTER: Balanced design, aluminum in black finish.

1/4” NPT

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