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Maintaining a minimum safe water level is CRITICAL on steam boilers


Many low-pressure package boilers use standard tubular glass gauges as a means for monitoring level on their Low Water Cut Off/Pump Controllers on boilers that are typically operating below 250 WSP. These cost-effective gauges provide easily seen, direct indication due to tubular glass.  Guard rods are often used to protect this exposed glass. Utilizing a gauge glass protector on the tubular glass will provide an even greater level of safety and decreases the opportunity for damage to the glass. Ernst Flow Industries can provide you with spare parts for these tubular gauges including glass and washers, or replacement gauges, and also gauge glass protectors.


Another option would be to swap out the tubular level gauge assembly with an Ernst Flow Industries Armored Reflex Gauge. This alternative is a more robust and durable solution for level indication. While the initial investment of an armored reflex gauge is more than that of a tubular glass gauge, there is less maintenance and increased safety due to less exposed glass. Reflex glass contains molded prisms on the process side resulting in clear black/silver level indication regardless of the color properties of the fluid. This can be very helpful for monitoring level in water applications where the fluid is clear.


Typical Assembly Recommendations:

If connection taps are 11.5’’ center to center:

  • EFI S-1106J with 144 valves

  • 10.25’’ of visible glass

If connection taps are 12.875’’ center to center:

  • EFI S-1108J with 144 valves

  • 12.625’’ of visible

(Quick Closing Handles Optional)

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